Power of Place: NEH 2016 Summer Institute

Power og Place: Land and Peoples in Appalachia

Film Series

Optional Film Screenings:

Tuesday, July 11   8:00 PM   Cold Mountain 

A 2003 Civil War era story “loosely” based on the Charles Frazier’s best-selling novel. Inman, (Jude Law) wounded in the battle of Fredericksburg, steps out of the window of a squalid Virginia military hospital and undertakes a long inland trek toward his NC mountain home. Ada, (Nicole Kidman) after the death of her minister father (Donald Sutherland), must contend with a harsh lifestyle for which her cosseted upbringing has left her unsuited. To help Ada manage her father’s sprawling farm, her neighbor, Sally (Kathy Baker), sends over a no-nonsense spitfire named Ruby (Renae Zellweger), instigating a friendship that becomes the film’s central relationship. NY Times reviewer, AO Scott describes the movie as, ” ... an episodic romance that begins like a war movie and ends like a western, and it requires an old-fashioned critical idiom to do it justice. It is ... one heck of a classy picture.”